Frequently Asked Questions

How can I know when the strawberry fields are opened for the season?

The best way is to sign up for our email newsletter on our website: maxwellsfarm.com. You then will be among the first to know! Also you can follow us on Facebook.

Are there any instructions for picking strawberries?

  • Please pick in the row or area assigned.
  • Pick on each side of the straw-filled row, picking about halfway thru and being careful that your feet and knees do not damage plants or fruit along the edge of the row.
  • Please pick ALL THE RED BERRIES, large or small. (The smallest often are the sweetest!) Once red, they will not become any bigger. If left, they spoil and are wasted before we return to this area again.
  • Gently pick each berry, being careful not to pull off any green berries in the cluster. Grasp the stem jut above the berry and pull with a slight twisting motion. It is best to leave the hulls on the berries as this will help them last longer.
  • Carefully place berries in a container. Do not overfill containers.

    Can I bring my own container?

    NO. All berries must be weighed inside a pick-your-own tray or quart, BUT we encourage you to reuse your pick-your-own trays & quart containers from last year. Because we pre-set our scales to figure the tare weight of the container, ODD CONTAINERS (Tupperware, pots & pans, greenhouse trays, etc) ARE NOT ALLOWED. Remember too, that pick-your-own trays and quarts are made for picking strawberries. The trays allow the berries to be spread out and not heaped so high that those on the bottom are bruised.

    Can children come and pick?

    Yes, children are more than welcome. This is a great family fun time and even an educational experience as they learn how to harvest their own food!

    We do have a few rules, though:

  • Children must stay in a row with a grown-up, and MUST NOT RUN OR JUMP ROWS.
  • Teach them to walk without stepping on the plants.
  • Teach them to pick “clean” (pick ALL of the ripe berries, not just the big ones)
    Do you take debit or credit cards?

    Yes, In addition to cash and checks, we now take debit and credit cards (with a minimum purchase of $10).

    Can I bring my dog?

    NO. Dogs are not allowed on the property for sanitation reasons per federal regulations.

    How long is the strawberry season?

    Only three to four weeks, so be careful not to miss it!

    Once you open for the season, are you open everyday?

    We are always closed on Sundays. We also sometimes need to close for a day to let the berries ripen so be sure to call just before coming.

    What about rainy days?

    If the rain is steady and will last for a while, we do close. If it is just misting, we try to stay opened. Remember that a CLOUDY day is a GREAT day to pick berries. No worries about getting them out of the sun or keeping them cool!

    How do I know what field you will be picking?

    In any season, we have 3-5 different fields that we rotate thru. We choose based on the most/ripest fruit. As it gets picked out, we move to the next field. Weather, variety of plants and the number of customers all affect the frequency of the moves, so it becomes rather unpredictable. It is very important that customers watch for our signs and follow the arrows as sometimes we move in the middle of a day.

    After picking, how should I handle the berries?

    After picking, put the berries in a cool place as soon as possible. When you are ready to use them, rinse and hull them (in that order). Strawberries are easy to freeze. Rinse, hull, spread out on a cookie sheet and put into the freezer. When frozen, pop them into a freezer bag, removing as much air as possible. Enjoy all winter!

    Thanks for choosing Maxwell's Farm!