History of Maxwell's Farm

The Maxwell family has been involved in vegetable growing in Cape Elizabeth, Maine for at least 6 generations. In years past, they grew cabbage off the coast on Richmond's Island, rowing them ashore in a dory, and they also shipped peas to Boston on the old Boston boat.

In the '50's and '60's, the farm produced 5 major varieties of vegetables for the wholesale markets around New England and even into Canada. As wholesale buying trends shifted to the larger western growers, and the population increased in the area around the farm, the decision was made to sell through our own retail market, In 1974, a market was built in the city of Portland with the theme, "The Farm has Come to You". This proved to be a successful venture and in 1989, the Portland store was sold and a new one built in Cape Elizabeth, located on the edge of our fields.

During this time, the farm had 100 acres under cultivation. A panoramic view from the center of the main field on Spurwink Avenue would reveal approximately 60 varieties of vegetables, and in most cases many plantings of each variety.Four people were employed full time (year round) with peak employment in the summer of 35 at the farm and 12-15 at the market. We also grew about 10 acres of strawberries, the majority of which was for "Pick Your Own".

From Fall of 2000 - 2006 we offered hayrides to families and school groups. This allowed us an opportunity to educate others about farming. In the Spring of 2002 we launched our own website - www.maxwellsfarm.com.

2007 has brought a number of changes to Maxwell's Inc, including the closing of Maxwell's Farm Market. Several seasons of unfavorable weather, among other things made some business changes necessary. Maxwell's Inc. will continue, though, to grow "Pick Your Own Strawberries " and will wholesale a variety of vegetables.

As we watch these many different plants grow from seed to harvest, we are continually amazed at the miracle of nature. We cannot express our feelings in a better way than in the motto that Ken & Elsie Maxwell chose many years ago:


Bill & Lois Bamford